The Lisa Lovely Art Gallery opened in the spring of 2014 as a virtual art gallery. A three dimensional,"web site",  where visitors can enter the gallery as an  avatar of their own design and walk about viewing art work in three dimensions while meeting the artist and like minded art enthusiast from around the globe. 

A look inside "the Lisa lovely Virtual Art Gallery". 

A look inside "the Lisa lovely Virtual Art Gallery". 

The gallery is now, also, available as a two dimensional web site. The one you are now visiting. 

On Display in the Gallery

The gallery contains the art work of Lisa Lovely LPA. 

Here is a brief summary of the collections currently on display. It is an exciting time at the gallery and I am an active artist so stop back often as new work will be added frequently. 

"The Face" , in the entrance leading to the virtual gallery. 

"The Face" , in the entrance leading to the virtual gallery. 

Silicon Universe

A large and growing collection of macro abstracts done in large irregular chunks of glass called , Universe(s). Silicon Universe celebrates the, "Multiverse", and is like a mirror but reflects the inner unconscious and conscious aspects of the human psyche. It is essentially a photographic essay of mind itself. 

iPhone 6 Underwater Abstractions

The most exciting abstract photographic project since Silicon Universe. The  images are taken from underwater in a swimming pool but looking up through the surface to the outer world. I am editing these images as I write this and getting them up into the gallery. Exciting abstracts made in an everyday world with latest pocket technology. 

Lisa Lovely Paintings

A growing collection of paintings that mostly originate from dreams or day time visions.  The paintings often follow the journey of , "Lisa Lovely LPA", as she explores the origins and nature of her sexuality.  Deals with themes such as transgenderism and consensual sadomasochism and it's connections to spirituality and everyday life. 

The paintings are far from market driven art and very personal but original. Making it a special find for those called to the work that also like to acquire unique art for their personal art collection. 


A collection of photo images that have have significance as scientific collections but also make some really cool art. Currently, under construction. 


Botanical photography and future paintings with emphasis on botanical form. Still mostly under construction but some images are in the gallery. 


Videos produced by Lisa Lovely LPA.  Dealing with the art here at the gallery or explorations into virtual reality. 

Art Books

Publication by the Lisa Lovely Art gallery.

Purchasing Art

The Lisa Lovely Art Gallery ships art worldwide. See the purchasing page for information about using our art commercially or acquiring it for your art collection. 

Stop by my blog to find out more about my art and the gallery and visit our growing links page. Feel free to explore the basement at your own risk. 

Thank you, for visiting the Lisa Lovely Art Gallery, please feel free to contact me with any comments about the gallery. We encourage and welcome your comments. 

Enjoy your visit.

Lisa Lovely LPA , Artist  / Virtual Curator. 

August 25,th 2015.