Our first video. We did it really fast to demonstrate to ourselves how cool the iPhone technology can be and we blundered the title. Should be "Anima Awakens". The Anima is Carl Jung's hypothesized archetype of the collective unconscious that expresses itself in a man as the feminine inner personality. 


A techno mechanical celebration of diversity via  the everyday process of making popcorn in a hot air popper. Illuminated with laser lights and recorded on iPhone six. 

Each kernel of corn is different. The environment of each kernel different. The result a varied distribution of popping. A few kernels pop very early and some very late, many somewhere in the middle and to varying degrees to the left and right of the middle. This is not isolated to popping corn. Its a common theme throughout biology, including human biology, and variations we see in all aspects of human sexuality. 


Lisa Lovely Presents : LISA

A spontaneous pastel painting I did while inspired by Beethoven's Ninth symphony. I was struggling with the composition of another painting when this one burst out triggered from the music. 


Liberation of Lisa

A depiction of Carl Jung's Animus liberated from the unconscious.