"I learn by going where I have to go."  ... Fortune Cookie. 

I am a reclusive artist living on the Mohave desert in the city of Henderson, Nevada. Right next to the fabulous city of Las Vegas. 

Much of my art explores the very substance of reality. My focus is not to define reality itself , which I believe is non absolute or highly subjective and in the end ultimately elusive, but instead it's substance.  

The subtle connections between light, matter and mind or consciousness are fascinating to me and provide far more opportunity for the creation of art then my short human existence will allow me to explore. 

I am historically a photographer but recently have started painting. 

I use the camera to create images that capture not the moment but visual experiences different then the ordinary, ideally going where no one has gone before. 

Over the years I have taken pictures in dusty chunks of glass, in swimming pools during thunder storms and through microscopes into micro universes and anywhere else I think might provide novel images.

Painting has freed me from the physical constraints that are placed on photography.  I have found painting to provide a boundless field of potential creativity. 

I currently paint with dusty pigments. Artist quality pastels. 

A few years ago I began exploring virtual reality. A global community within a silicon chip. A significant outcome of that adventure was the creation or discovery of an animated character, who became known as, Lisa Lovely LPA.

A sweet young lady with sexual fantasies of a sadomasochistic nature, she is determined to understand the nature of her fantasies before they overcome her and lead to her ultimate doom. 

I have immersed myself in the character and have found her existence to be linked to an explosive period of creativity in my later years of life. I have adopted her name as my official pseudo name in my art. 

I believe as a global society we are grossly misinformed about the nature of our very own human sexuality. Along with Lisa and dusty pigments and chunks of glass I venture as artist into the unknown. To the that very substance of reality, in the form of the human psyche. 

It is in her honor that this gallery has taken her name. 

Lisa Lovely LPA

August 30 th 2015.